Suppliers Selection Overview:

LSC members and non-member companies that are selected to sponsor and/or donate products must work within the project specifications and schedule determined by the builder, architect, interior designer and the project task force. It is the task force’s main responsibility is to select and agree upon all products to be used in the show home. Decisions are based on the availability and design criteria desired by the task force in conjunction with the budget constraints and market knowledge of the builder.

Once the team has been assembled and the year’s concept determined, members of LSC are notified by the task force to begin sending product information to NAHB staff for product consideration and selection.  LSC members wishing to have their products considered for use in the house must provide adequate information per the team’s request and must notify NAHB staff of their interest and specific products they are submitting.  A deadline is established each year by which all product information must be received.

Interest in participating in TNAR and submission of product information does not guarantee selection. It is assumed that LSC members will donate the product(s) specified in their submissions.  If a product is specified and the LSC member declines to donate or participate, the product category may be revisited for another selection.  

For those LSC members who have similar products for a category and are willing to participate in TNAR, the team members are encouraged to use, in a significant way, products from LSC members which have not had a recent opportunity to participate in TNAR. To facilitate this evaluation, NAHB staff shall prepare and distribute to the product selection team, prior to the start of the product selection process, a complete list of all LSC companies with product used in the previous three years’ homes. The final decision as to which products are selected is solely at the discretion of the team members.  

Although a team member may be primarily responsible for a product selection, the product selected must be approved by all members of the team and satisfy the task force. If no LSC member supplies product for a category, or if an LSC member in that product category cannot meet the required specifications, only then may the team approach non-LSC suppliers for product donations.  

It is anticipated that SGC Horizon LLC – ProRemodeler Magazine will act as a consultant during the product selection process and may help connect product suppliers with team members and will sell sponsorships to companies donating products for The New American Home. NAHB staff will notify all approved suppliers that their products have been selected and that they are expected to cooperate with the designated team member and with the project schedule and specifications.  

Suppliers Selection Breakdown:

•    Must be the right product application for the project.

•    The LSC task force for TNAR will prepare a target spec list with ProRemodeler Magazine and the builder/architect participation.

•    LSC members have right of first acceptance to participate in the program.

•    Suppliers will be asked to donate and remit a sponsorship fee in exchange for robust marketing support programs.

•    Should LSC members decline to participate, the builder, architect and ProRemodeler Magazine will endeavor to secure another paying supplier for the product category. 

•    Should no paying supplier be secured, LSC may allow its member(s) to provide a donation.

•    Donating companies will not receive the same marketing visibility as sponsoring companies.